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The Tacarigua de Oro USA 2023 Awards celebrated the Voices of Peace in a Gala Night in Miami with a Red Carpet of Artistic Stars and Business Personalities that impact society.

The city of Miami witnessed on December 15 a dazzling night at the delivery of the Tacarigua de Oro USA 2023 awards, where the red carpet rolled out in the beautiful setting of Mom Petit Garden became the perfect stage to pay tribute to outstanding personalities from the Latin artistic and business world, including among the nominees and awardees multiple voices of peace, committed to the purpose of our organization.

tacarigua de oro

The gala, hosted by Caterina Valentino and produced by GQ Plus Productions, led by Sandra Quintero and Daniel Gomez, stood out for its impeccable organization and the distinction of its awardees.

Maestro Eduardo Marturet, Director of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, received the Sapphire Mention, while his wife, the talented actress and Ambassador of the Miami Symphony Athina Marturet, was honored with the Crystal Mention, as was the Venezuelan tenor Eleazar Mora, who received it as the Lyrical Male Singer with a Career of the year.

Enrique Divine, who is also part of the Artistic Volunteer of Cantamos por la Paz Foundation since 2012, was honored with the Emerald Mention for his 40 years of artistic career. The emotional gala also awarded the clowns Ni Fu Ni Fa, who also celebrate 4 decades of successful artistic career and the lasting legacy they have left in the world of entertainment.

Artists and winning personalities committed to the arts in favor of peace and business development with a social purpose.

The multi-awarded producer and composer Hildemaro Alvarez won the special Platinum Mention, with his contribution to the global music scene being supported.

The director of the Musical Academy Science and Arts of the Voice Gioconda Salcedo, singing teacher and President of Almenar Otero Foundation, an organization allied with our organization, was also nominated along with our Director of Special Projects Luisana Soto, recognized as the "Business Architect," who received the Gold award as Businesswoman of the Year 2023, being awarded for her work in favor of the development of the Latin community in the United States. Pastor and psychologist Tina Floyd were awarded as Educational Businesswoman, recognizing her valuable contribution to the field of education in Doral, Florida, where she directs the educational centers God's Kids Learning Center, schools that educate with principles and values, being centers of our Planting Peace Program. As Show Producer James “Jimy” Merchan received the Gold Mention. Miss Kyo and Manuel Arvelaiz were also honored with awards from the elegant ceremony, where the red carpet was mainly in charge of the Success Strategist, Rosi Soto, President of Cantamos por la Paz Foundation, who celebrated the awards of the Voices of Peace in the Tacarigua de Oro USA, as an exceptional recognition, where Latin artistic and business figures who succeed in the United States and promulgate the culture of peace worldwide were protagonists.


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