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Our Story

The Cantamos por la Paz Foundation, established by the twin sisters Rosa and Luisana Soto, is a beacon of hope in its commitment to fostering peace through the universal language of music. This non-profit organization is built on the belief that music can be a powerful catalyst for social change and conflict resolution. By organizing concerts, workshops, and educational programs, the foundation aims to nurture understanding, empathy, and reconciliation in communities impacted by violence and conflict. It strives to motivate both individuals and groups to pursue a more peaceful and harmonious existence. Furthermore, Cantamos por la Paz is a collective of specialists from diverse fields such as music, literature, gastronomy, wellness, ecology, communication, and entrepreneurship, all contributing their expertise towards the goal of creating a better world and forging peace through growth, action, and the expression of the human spirit.


Touching lives

Collaborating with the foundation are notable personalities like singer-songwriter and music producer Eduardo Osorio and business architect Luisana Soto; neurogastronomist Marcus Gessen, tea sommelier Omarly Alcina, singer-songwriters Frank Croquer and Eliezer Boyer, authors Yanet Pájaro and Rossana Corniel, and ecologist Paola Barranco. These individuals have participated in our events and campaigns in support of peace, bringing their unique talents and insights to the foundation's mission of promoting peace through diverse avenues of human expression and connection.

Meet Our Founders

Where Mission meets Passion to Change the World, One Song at a Time. 

Luisana Soto, arquitecta de negocios, conferencista y neurorealtor  o empresaria inmobilia

Luisana Soto


Contact and learn more about Luisana here.

Rosi Soto


Contact Rosi and the team at 

Cantamos por la Paz

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